Tuning boxes

Tuning boxes offer an around great alternative to ECU remapping and boast good tuning benefits, they are popular amongst people with company vehicles or with vehicles still under warranty. This is due to the fact that tuning boxes are quick and simple to install and can also be quickly removed before a service and refitted straight after. Although the number of parameters that can be altered is not as high as an ECU remap, tuning boxes do have some impressive increases in power and torque, all out tuning boxes come with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 5 year warranty, and for a small fee the software in the unit can be mapped to a different vehicle.

Increased power and torque

Increased fuel efficiency

DIY fitment

Can be removed in minutes

Tuning boxes available for most diesel vehicles

Tuning boxes for some petrol vehicles

Suitable for commercial use

From £249

Tuning boxes have been available for many years and unfortunately poor quality cheap imitations have found their way on to the market. Most of our boxes have TUV Approval and are manufactured to a very high standard in the UK by ENERGY TUNING LTD, and use Common Rail Multichannel Technology.

DIY fitment is easy and our kits come with full instructions, however if you would prefer your tuning box to be professionally fitted and you live within our catchment area please contact us with your vehicles requirements. Some unstocked items may take 2-3 Days for delivery.