Just like an Apple update

April 14, 2019

You may have heard of remapping, but do you actually know what it means?


“I had my car remapped”

“I can’t believe the difference that remap made” 

Remapping is an electronic way of tuning the modern engine, by changing different values and parameters within the vehicles onboard computer.
Perhaps you have some questions about remapping your car;

“Will it damage my engine?” 

“Why don’t manufacturers do it as standard?” 


Well the truth is, remapping will not damage your engine if a software file is tuned correctly by specialist that knows what they are doing and work within the limitations of the engine. 

There is no reason for a


healthy remapped car to fail; what in fact will damage you vehicle is worn out poorly serviced components and engines.


Manufacturers do remap cars from standard. However, most engines in vehicles are factory de tuned so that the manufacturer can slap a hefty price on an higher horsepower engine, which to the customer, is more desirable!

So why should you get a remap??

What if I told you I could update the software on your iPhone and it would give you better battery life, the best security and a stronger signal? You would be all over it...
So, by remapping your vehicle we are able to improve your fuel economy and increase your engine's power therefore giving you a much more pleasurable driving experience. 


I hope this has given you an helpful explanation of what a remap is and how it could help in improving your car's performance. If you need a more detailed explanation about your specific car and what you would like to get from a remap, then please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

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