DPF light flashing on Mazda

April 23, 2014

The DPF light on the Mazda flashes when the Engine Control Unit detects that the Diesel Particulate Filter is beginning to block. The filter is located in the exhaust system and is used to collect the soot particles out of the exhaust gasses.


It may be possible to try and unblock the filter by driving the vehicle on a motorway at a steady speed with medium to high engine revs, these are the driving conditions that are required for the Engine Control Unit to initiate a regeneration.


If the DPF does not regenerate successfully the filter will continue to block and when the blockage becomes excessive the Engine Control Unit will put the vehicle into limp mode to save the engine from further damage also the engine light will also be lit, on some models the traction control light is also turned on.


Unfortunately a DPF filter can be very expensive and genuine Mazda filters costing in excess of £1500. The trouble with fitting a new filter is that at some point it will block again. But needless to worry, here at West Coast Remaps we have a solution and specialise in complete Diesel Particle Filter Removal, we can successfully remove the filter from the vehicle and reprogram the engine management system for a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

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