Mazda 5 & 6 DPF Removal

January 16, 2014

After countless testing and development West Coast Remaps can proudly announce a complete DPF removal / bypass or the Mazda 5 and 6, we will physically remove the troublesome Diesel Particulate Filter and reprogram your ECU to prevent any regeneration and dashboard warning lights. This is the only guaranteed long term solution for DPF problems, and it will not affect your MOT!


  • Increased performance

  • Increased efficiency (MPG)

  • No more warning lights

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • No affect on MOT

  • Less EGR problems

  • Completely reversable

Warning – Many companies and garages are either physically removing the DPF and not reprogramming the ECU or fitting emulators which require the engine wiring loom to be cut and passive regeneration will still occur. At West Coast Remaps we are ECU and electronic engine specialists with years of experience, we will reprogram your ECU and ensure that the turbo settings and exhaust flow is set just right to compensate for the reduced backpressure following the removal of your DPF.

We can also remap your Mazda to give even more performance and efficiency, please 
contact us for more details.

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